We will drop you off and pick you up for free, we will also pay drop off and pick up charges for you £12

South Terminal
We will pick you up where we drop you off...


When returning to Gatwick once picking up your luggage or if don't have luggage once you go pass passport control please call 01293 988134 so we can arrange a driver to pick you up. If at the North terminal, walk out of arrivals Cross the road then walk between car park 5 and 6 all the way to the express pick up. We will pick you up right in front of the Premier Inn hotel.


If at the South terminal, follow the signs to taxis when getting to the taxi rank across the road there is orange car park, turn left get in the lift go all the way to the ground floor, when you come out of the lifts that's where our driver will meet you.

When arriving at Pollards Farm Estate, can you please call us on (01293988134) to let us know you have arrived to leave your car
Drive for about 200yards, you will see a farm operations office on your right and a gate in front, wait in that car park, one of our agents will meet you.
Once our agent completes a quick check and takes some photos for your file your car will be parked in a secure area and we will take you to the airport.

Airport valet parking and servicing liabilities

Our liabilities are very limited as your car will only be driven in our car park. Airport Valet Parking and Servicing will accept no liability or responsibilities for flat batteries, flat tyres or cracked windscreens. When it comes to your luggage, it will be treated with good care however it will be travelling in the back of our transfer vans so no liability will be accepted for any scratches or damage. We will keep your car safe but please look after your valuables.

Park and Ride is the best and cheapest way to park your car when travelling from gatwick

Your car will be safe with us. Your car will be in an enclosure that has cctv operating 24/7